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How giving nets you benefit
It's an interesting paradigm and one that most realtors are already familiar with, you give and give and hope a customer stays loyal. We use the Internet to help you better insure loyalty and we can show you how.

Prospective clients and current clients will absolutely look online and may or may not use your website. In fact, we know there are many realtors that refer their clients to our website applications and ask that their clients call them when they see something they like. In otherwords, a realtor with little website power will tell a client to look at another site (ours) to find a home. To be clear, this some other realtor's client and our prospect. Just imagine, during the visit or visits this client will constantly be exposed to a high level of service online and the name of our realtors. Our realtors win clients this way. IF we don't get the visitor they refer their friends to us directly often stating we are offer the best service.

What happened?
Internet visitors turn into customers as they are given more and more value from the site. Though you are directly delivering the service you are and the client knows it. You follow this up with some calls and emails and they know you're working for them.

The end game
The end game is this, you get leads because people are willing to reciprocate by filling out a form with their information. They are willing because the system leads them into a result they want, listings that match their criteria in a highly precise geographic area. We help you understand the client with patent pending systems making your first, second and third sales interaction a powerful sell.

Win Win Win
We hate losing. Losing is something we cannot stand. If we are developing something novel and special for our clients we need to see it work. We long to see it deliver. We support our clients with advice on mailings, emailing, newsletters, signs, and Internet advertising options.

A note on Google Adwords and Overture/Yahoo! ad purchases:
Many realtors are buying ads and sending users to sites that are losers. If you are going to pay for clicks you NEED to be sure you have the highest potential for lead capture. A pretty face and a "I'm the best" just does not cut it anymore. You can keep the face but don't smile and the words now read "I deliver and start searching" or "Here are the listings in this neighborhood, I know everything come back often to see up to date listings!"






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