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So what could we possibly know?
Our systems have been delivering leads, customers, and sales to realtors and brokers for the last 7 years. Yes, that's right, 9 years. Most of you did not even know it was going on in 1998 when we developed the first site based loosely on MLS listing data. Our company was already ready for the IDX wave and we knew how to use the data to develop business.


A site does not mean business!
It happens so often it can make you sick. Realtors and brokers are SOLD solutions that do not pay attention to what's important, business. The fact is the developers of these products take a short view on you and your business. They tell you to go out there and tell people about your site, promote it. It's all crap! Most of the IDX applications sold to realtors now have no sole, that is to say they are not designed to win online. Sites need the power of SEO built into the code, without it the site will draw no FREE organic placement visitors (those from Google and others..)

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