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Our team is comprised of:

A GUI Architect - This role develops the interface a home buyer uses to search homes. Each market is examined independently and the interface is developed around what is understood about the home buyers looking in a particular area.

A Software Architect - This role examines current reusable software code available in house and the designs specifications around a market paying close consideration to available data delivered by the MLS ( IDX data can very from MLS to MLS). The architect examines the data to design market specific tools which make users happy!

SEO Sledgehammer - The SEO or Search Engine Optimizer is one key to ongoing success. While our system can close a user and convert it into a lead, without Internet traffic no effort will be successful. We build in SEO best practices into EVERY THING WE make. If they told you there was not such thing as a free lunch, they were only half right. The free placement high on the list is there for the people that know how to create web sites. The result of our work has always been beneficial to our clients.

Web Layout/Designer - The layout/designer is give some leeway by the architect and is allowed to field input from the client for use in the site. This person is directed by the GUI architect who has already done the research determining where visitor eyes go and how to lead users to get search results. Having a layout/design guy develop an entire site is a mistake (the "web guy") as this person possess the skill to make a pretty site you'll buy but not one that will produce.

Graphic Design - Graphic designers are a project's best friend. They need to be independent of the layout/design person with regard to their creativity. They are also directed by a manager under the GUI architect. After all the source code is delivered, the database schema is finalized and the layout has been signoff on, the graphic designer makes all the work look the best it can. If you have a graphic design guy create your site in full it will be in FLASH and make you happy when you see your face next to moving images but it will most likely develop zero leads and receive no placement on search engines.

We are often asked by our prospective clients, "why you, why would I want to engage you in the development of my business and what makes you so much better". This question is often spawned by an obvious interest and a complete lack of understanding of the technology they wish to engage. Since we hail ourselves as software professionals and not sales professionals, the following is our best effort to explain and impart to you why:

- The smaller "web guy" will make you a "web guy" site that may look pretty but will fail to derive business as this person makes pretty sites all day for so many different areas of business they know nothing about converting a click to a lead in real estate.

- The packaged or templated Realtor web site systems will pigeon hole you into a look that is duplicated on others sites and content that exists in an exact form on other sites which will result in decreased search engine placement potentially. in addition, these sites may not close users when they visit as well. These companies WILL NOT CHANGE FOR YOU!

- We have close to 9 years experience developing BUSINESS/LEADS from the Internet for Real Estate agents.

- We know what works and what does not

- We have managed and currently maintain the business of some very successful realtors and brokers for which we have delivered millions in income to.

Our team of experts represents much more then the average "web guy" making pretty sites. To be compared such an entity would be insulting.

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