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Real Estate Web Sites and Software Applications
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Custom IDX Based Web Design
We offer clients new and better ways to deliver real estate listings to clients and prospective clients through a website interface that SELL's users and keeps the interested.

Backend Systems to Support You
We have a suite of backend/back office systems to help support your sales efforts. These systems are every changing with users and their habits. They help the Realtor speak to the needs of the prospect and the client. These tools are highly gaurded as part of our effort to help our current clients and protect against theft. You have to call us for more information.

MLS Updates via Email
So you want to stay in touch with your clients and keep them updated on new homes listings as they come to market? You want to control their experience and you don't want to use the systems provided by many MLS's now? We can do it, we already have. Did you know controlling the users experience insures a degree of quality and allows you to make the changes you fell are important! This also comes with usage reporting and request for showing alert emails sent to your phone or email or both!

Consumer Cell Phone and PDA Access
In addition to our web site services we are one of the first companies to develop and offer a Realtor-to-consumer PDA access product. This is landmark as it adds further service to clients and prospect letting them know you're the leader in your area.

From Mild to Wild
We have developed so many different applications only a few are described here. We have geocode google map API systems as well as highly specialized subdivision geocoding libraries we use to target large master planned communities. The sky is the limit.



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Note: Please give a call to your local board of realtors and inquire as to the availability of IDX data. Create a list of contacts to include:

MIS/IT - "computer people" - important people for us.
Head administrator at the board - If it's needed we should call this person
Administrative personnel associated with IDX. - Directly related to your access and use of IDX data specifically they setup accounts at brokers request.

Note: Recently we were told that a board is now assessing a charge to brokers for access to the IDX data in a automated form.


Agents / Brokers

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