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Our software development and market domination software suite is not for everyone. We try to make it as affordable as possible but sometimes the people that need it most are either new or not well established in the Real Estate field. We offer consulting as an alternative.

We can help you make it!
In a commitment to those that need some help but cannot afford it, we offer consulting billable by the hour. In most cases we can help develop strategies and help you pick products offered by the bulk IDX software vendors to create a site that will help close clicks and develop leads. In some cases we can help build a site around a IDX technology that has SEO built-in to get you listed and develop some interface (GUI) flow to get people get involved.

We offer sponsorships too!
In the course of our work helping develop business for Realtors and Brokers we have in the past given work to those agents we feel demonstrate the ability to close and thus give back later. We, in effect, sponsor their success with our proven tools. This is a process of assumed risk on our part and is not provided to just anyone. If you can close and have excellent contact management skills you could be a candidate. If you are opening a new market you can also be considered if you possess the skills described above.



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