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IDX Ventures is a threat to larger real estate franchises as they sell their brokers and agents on their branded IDX real estate web solutions and send them, like lemmings, to the cliffs. Why such a strong statement?
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IDX Ventures is a Champion to those brokers and select agents that already know and understand the Internet and what the users want in their market. We help you beat the system, get a large number of leads and encircle the market you target.
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Custom Software, oh that's expensive!
Our software is built to take markets on your behalf. If the Internet was the wild west, as it is also compared to, we are the hired guns. There are about 3 companies we know of that specialize as we do in Real Estate. All are successful and control their client territories. The best companies gaurd their client's territory and gauge payment on lead inflows.

Many Realtors and Brokers may pay based on some performance of the site to deliver quality leads. Companies like ours demand excellent sales people with proven track records to support. Our systems support producers that know how to use the resources they deliver.

Is it expensive?
No, software is not expensive if the resource it provides develops the sales to pay for it. Our clients have increased their income by as much as 800K paying us a very small fraction of this amount. If you are not sure you can use us you may not be right for our program.

As many of the large Real Estate companies re spending 10's of thousands of dollars developing their IDX and Internet MLS technologies, you as an agent or broker, may have an opportunity to compete for the same leads they are receiving everyday. Give this some additional thought for just a minute. Imagine for a moment, your corporate affiliate's website where an internet user found their site and not yours. Think of the vast numbers of leads that are coming into their sites. Your expectation is that when a lead is generated it may come to your office. You may be further obligated to pay a referral fee for the lead.

STOP, now imagine that you are like them but on a smaller scale where you control the county or counties your MLS serves. Maybe you serve the entire area and maybe you do not, no matter. Lets say you just own the area online in a way that is better than your franchise corp. It is happening right now as we speak. Our IDX customers are making money everyday and everyday they are taking business from the traditionalist "farmer" agent and broker.

The IDX Broker Reciprocity Rules allow the broker access to the MLS data for use in much the same way and use it.

You Must Know this!

On the average, users between the age of 30 - 50, will determine whether a site is worth staying in less than 1 minute!

How do you command attention?
The IDX solutions or websites that we craft are written around your market area and can be highly specific or as broad as you require. Our objective to to deliver something found no where else on the web and deliver the listing information better and faster to your consumer visitors. Our interface wins you credibility and delivers the leads!

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Our competitive nature compels IDX Ventures to achieve and to control. Simply stated, we must win control of an area, provide a better than average interface and absolutely support our customers in the area to the extent money is made. Furthermore, as a customer we really care about your successes, we know what works and we will adapt should an area differ in social dynamic to the ones we serve. your site that generates 0-3 leads a month.

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